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How to have an Inspired Birth

Guest Post* – A Word from a Doula.

Imagine having a birth where you feel in control. A birth that gives you energy. A pain-less birth. A positive birth. A birth where you receive genuine support. A spiritual birth. A birth without unnecessary intervention. Most importantly a birth that YOU want.

I am a birth doula. I am someone who can help you feel like you’re in control. I will help educate you, inform you of researched decisions. Help you receive that spiritual experience & help support you.

The term ‘doula’ hardly gets thrown around for decades. The terms – birth attendant, birth assistant, birth caregiver, and birthing coach are terms used to explain what a doula is in our modern day. I seem to always receive the question, ‘what in the world is a doula?’ When asked what I do. I actually love when I am asked this question, it gives me a chance to explain what being a doula is all about!

Here, let me share how this all came about for me and shed a bit of light on what a doula is…

Doula + Education = Passionate Advocate

Before becoming a doula, I became so intrigued, curious and wanting to be qualified as someone who can advocate natural birth to women. Since having my 2nd baby, I couldn’t help myself but share all the good things I had learnt during my own journey of pregnancy and birth. I wanted to influence other women in having a beautiful natural birth. I found myself sharing so much advice to family, friends and strangers! I had more than a handful of mothers come to me after their own birth after taking my advice, and sharing how great their experience was & thanking me for my little piece of advice that I had offered. This gave me much joy & made me feel determined to gain the certification and become a certified & credentialed doula.

My job as a doula is to show love, compassion & support families in making informed decisions. My job is also to be an advocate for these families. Be the voice when they’re not able to speak up.

What about the father’s role?

Doula’s never replace dads. We are simply there to guide them. When we guide fathers to be close and intimate with their partner during labour, it helps magnify the importance of love between the couple and helps the release of oxytocin (love hormone) flow through the pair especially the mother to feel more in tune with her body, more calm & content.

For more on oxytocin and other related hormones click – HERE 

Doula’s are all for the alternative, however we also support the families decision whether it be mainstream or alternative. As much as we are prone to educate our mothers of other ways of pain relief during labour, supplements to take during pregnancy, things to be mindful of such as delayed cord clamping & placenta encapsulations to name a few. We are also non-judgemental towards mainstream ways of birthing. Whether it be to have an epidural, an elective caesarean or an assisted birth by a doctor. We are there to accept and support your decisions. We are open minded to these ideas and will help you feel comfortable to make your own decisions in your birth experience.

On a personal level.

Before becoming a doula. I have had two children of my own. I had my first birth experience 8-years ago and viewed birth as an illness. A challenge. The hardest thing a woman has to endure in. My experience was difficult. I vowed to myself after having my daughter that I would never put myself through anything like that again.

And so it stuck… 2 years went by, 4 years.. 5. I was so adamant that our family of 3 was complete. It wasn’t until the 6th year that I received all signs and a spiritual prompting to have another baby. I felt like I was offering myself for sacrifice (pun intended). I wasn’t all too keen on the idea as the thoughts of my first birth never left my memory. It haunted me for so long after.

Once I accepted to being pregnant again, we fell pregnant with my 2nd and I began to research. I was surrounded by natural health practitioners that taught me how incredible our body works. It was through Chiropractic that made me more aware and more capable of handling labour.

I was given spinal adjustments every week during pregnancy & fed positive info about the female body. Most importantly, I was told continuously that I could birth my baby naturally. The more I surrounded myself with this positive circle of knowledge the more I believed in myself.

When the time came, I gave birth naturally, without intervention, through a water birth with my husband by my side, my main midwife and a student midwife who acted as my doula. I will forever be grateful for the people around me who made an impact on how well my birth went. I worked hard during my pregnancy to research, to inform myself to be active daily, to give myself positive self-talk, to make sure I was adjusted every week, to bonding intuitively with my baby through utero and to remain calm & content throughout my birth. Every birth is different. Both my births were far from different to each other. My mindset played a huge part in each outcome. Our mindset is the most powerful tool to have during birth. If we change our mindset on how we view birth & pregnancy, our whole world changes.

As your doula, I am there to hold that space for you. To motivate you always. To continue to support during birth. To listen. To offer up to date information on hand.

From my own experience and from what I have learnt through my studies and also from current doula experiences, I have learnt how important it is to be of comfort to each family. How important it is to have a doula in your team.

Please take the time to view my website and Facebook page Inspired Birth Co. for more information on what I have on offer and how my work as your doula can make you feel comfortable through this exciting journey of yours!

Love & Light,

Shana Afu

Inspired Birth Co.

SBD Doula + Infant Massage Australia

  • – Guest Post – the views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author. This post is published with the intent of providing information and relevant links and is not intended as medical advice. Please do not rely on any information in this post alone, and seek the advice of a trained health professional if you are uncertain about any aspect of your healthcare.